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Trendy Nail Wraps Review

A nice cheaper alternative to Mink nails…
Scree shot from 
Ok so they may not wear as long or have the exact same finish, but I think they come pretty close. Plus there are a couple of ways you could make them last longer, like finishing with UV gel topcoat or like me- embedding them in acrylic.
Trendy nail wraps come in 2 forms –
-Pre cut French, which covers just the tip of the nail with a clean “c”curve.
– Get Nailed; designed to cover the entire nail.
I got mine last year from trade show here in Paris (Spa Mondial et beauté) for 10 Euros, but Trendy nail wraps is UK based and their wraps retail for 5 pounds on their website.
Like I said in my previous post, I really enjoyed these nails. They have many other designs but I found this to be a nice almost natural print (because it looks like a regular French tip) with a little something extra (the silver flowers).
Here are more pictures and a video to illustrate the process…

Roll back to release the wrap 
Blow dry to increase stickiness…

For more how to videos checkout the Trendy nail wraps Youtube channel


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