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Transformation Tuesday | 11 Eyebrow Threading Facts

This week’s transformation tuesday goes to Mercy’s Threaded Eyebrows.

I get a lot of questions about eye brow threading so here are some fun facts about eye brow threading.

11 Eyebrow Threading Facts

Made in India: Believed to have originated in the India, today threading is popular in most countries around the world.

Twist and pull: The threading process involves rolling twisted cotton thread over unwanted facial hair which gets tangled in the twists and then pulled out from the follicle

Not just for brows: In addition to brows, you have get your upper lip, chin and cheeks threaded.

Its good for you: Threading is the healthiest method of brow grooming; no chemicals, heat, or abrasive razors required.Everyone can get threaded: Threading is suitable for all skin types even sensitive skin and skin undergoing strong chemical treatments

Its lasts and lasts: Long lasting effects last between 2-3 weeks

Clean cut & precise: Threading delivers the sharpest brows as the thread is able to remove all unwanted hair including hairs too fine to be tweezed or waxed.

The devil is in the details: A lot of attention to detail; unwanted hair is removed in lines, clusters or single. The process lets the threader pay a lot of attention to detail

As you were: Hair grows back in its natural form; not harder as with tweezing

Ouch: As is the case with other hair removal methods that take hair off fro the follicle, threading is a bit painful but not excessively so

Brow Threading in Lagos: If you are in Lagos and are in search of the best place to get your brows threaded, you should come by our studio. With over 3 years experience threading brows we deliver the best results. *plug over LOL

I hope this helps, if you have more questions please let me know in the comments below and I will do my very best to answer 😉 


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