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The Makeup Show Orlando 2016 | The Signature Style of a Celebrity Artist – Scott Barnes & Frank Galasso

This was definitely one of my favourite keynotes from The Makeup Show. I have followed Scott Barnes for years and his was one of the first makeup books I ever purchased back in 2010. It was great to finally watch him do his thing in the flesh! 

His work is like a miracle. I love how it looks so effortless and barely-there yet does so much to enhance his models features. He was a joy to watch, super funny and open, patiently explaining everything and repeating product and shades names to make sure we got it all. I left this class literally itching to get my hands on a face so I could try these new tricks.

If you missed the class or like me have been a fan of his work for years, then this post is for you. Here are some of the tips and tricks I picked up in class…

Makeup Tips & Tricks
  • He always does the face first. He says doing the eyes first is like putting windows on a house before you build its foundation. If you do the face first you will need to do a lot less on the eyes. After watching his demo I totally agree with this. half way in it looked like he had done her brows and eyes before he even touched them! Working on her face alone had that much of an effect on her appearance.
  • Milk of Magnesia for primer instead of slimy primers for hold. “if you can eat it you can wear it”. It tightens and closes pores.
  • After applying a thin layer of milk of magnesia on clean skin wait for it to dry then with a dry puff dust off excess and or clumps.
Before the magic started
  • After priming he applied a very light concealer to highlight using a synthetic brush and then blending with his fingers (fingers are warm and soften products making home easier to blend)
  • Apply contour under cheek bones and curve towards the inner corner of the cheek for a more flattering cheek contour…and then blend
Highlight & Contour
Introducing us to his Multi Media Foundations: A cross between cream & liquid foundation
Perfect Synergy
  • He uses a  glass palette for mixing products because it allows you to see how the product will look on your client before applying it on her. I though this was especially genius. After he mixed her lip color he simply held the palette up to her lips to see what it would look like on her. I totally need a glass palette!
  • After the highlight and contour, he used 2 different shades of his multi media foundation on the rest of her face to create a blended ombre effect
  • Curl lashes from the root for best results. 

Finished Look…

Less is so much more!
Her hair looks alive! Stuning!

Some tools & products used to create this awesomeness
Desio contact lenses in Innocent White
Dermacolor concealer D1W (highlight)
Kryolan palette D16 & D3175 (Contour)
Bdellium Tools #958 (to apply foundation)
Scott Barnes Glass palette
Makeup Forever Cream blush #420 Indian Rosewood
Sigma FB6 Tapered Kabuki
OCC Lip Tars : Interlace, Kava kava, Femme
Kevin Aucoin Lash Curler
Lord & Berry Mascara Black in black
Scott Barnes Mink lashes in Bella
Callas lash Glue
La femme eyeshadows
Senna Brow Book

Hair Tips From Frank Galasso

  • Choose clip in extensions over glued on ones because they don’t slide off and coat the hair with glue as they do so.
  • Clip ins are also a great way to save time because you can style them in advance
  • Pick extensions that are a blend of colours (3 dimensional) instead of looking for 1 flat colour. They look better, are easier to match and the same extensions can match several hair colours instead of just the one.
  • Know how to work as a team  to save production costs and make your client happy. As a hair stylist working with a makeup artists know when to step back so the artist can do detailed work and know when to come back in.

Did you know?
-Scott Barnes tried special effects makeup for the first time to age Jennifer Lopez for a movie role and got an Oscar nomination for it.
-His 1st book has been translated into 7 languages worldwide! 
Honestly it was a joy watching Scott Barnes and Frank Galasso work together. They have such synergy it was effortless. I personally hate work on a client while she is getting her hair done, they made it look like a breeze!

Use the links below to purchase/find out more about Scott Barnes and Frank Galasso’s product lines and online classes!

Scott Barnes
Frank Galasso 



  • Ebs
    Posted March 2, 2016 at 8:13 PM

    I want a glass pallete now!!!

  • Unknown
    Posted March 2, 2016 at 10:27 PM

    Thanks Stella for sharing. Very informative, I want the contact lenses tho.lolz.

  • Unknown
    Posted March 3, 2016 at 11:20 AM

    Thank you Stella!

  • Stella
    Posted March 3, 2016 at 1:15 PM

    You are welcome!

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