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The Makeup Show Orlando 2016 | Show Overview & Pictures

After a super crazy Christmas season that left me exhausted, stressed and with an almost broken back (MUAs know the struggle), I decided to take a couple of weeks off. I planned a trip to California and of course to Florida for The Makeup Show Orlando! 

Usually I do a bit work and blogging even on holiday but this time I decided not to…at all. It was hard trust me but I did it, and as a result…radio silence on the blog which ends Now! Woop!

I had a great time in Orlando. The Makeup Show was great and very inspiring so much so that I cancelled a day at Disney land for Business Evolution with TPG Pro the very next day! Best decision ever and a great way to end my trip.

Without any further ado here are some photos from The Makeup Show Orlando which took place on the 30th and 31st of January 2016.

Me! Yes I love taking pictures but you already knew that

In addition to all the discount shopping there was of course, a lot of education available and I tried to attend as many keynotes and seminars as possible.

Keynotes… I will be sharing more from these this week 😉 
Eve Pearl: Success By Design 
Ashunta Sheriff: The New Movement in Makeup
Scott Barnes and his husband Frank Galasso: The Signature Style of a Celebrity Artist 
So You Want To Be A Makeup Artist – Michael DeVellis for The Powder Group. I only caught the last 30 mins of this, it was so amazing I signed up for  Business Development set to hold the very next day! 
Brands present include the usual suspects: Makeup Forever, Temptu Pro, Crown Brush, Nars, Pinnacle Cosmetics, Mustaev, Cosmix School, Eve Pearl, Eye Kandy Cosmetic, Frends beauty, Nigel’s Beauty …and AJ Crimson Beauty. Alcone Company. Ashunta Sheriff. Bdellium Tools. 

And some brands that were new to me like… Be A Bombshell. Beauty Evolution. Dermaflague. Glamorous Chicks Cosmetics. Static Nails. MoYou London and a lot more 

I will be sharing more from The Makeup Show Orlando this week so don’t go anywhere LOL.



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