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The Makeup Show NYC 2015 Part 3: The Haul

With every great show comes a great haul. For work, I buy makeup all year round (call it an occupational perk 🙂 so I usually try to be good at shows and not over do it. This year however I went IN! With the exception of only a few items every product I wanted to try, I got 🙂 (insert makeup addicts chuckle here) LOL

At the show I got…
Lip tars & Nail Polish from OCC
Foundation, multipurpose pencil & a ton of samples from BlackUp
Eye shadow palette, foundation, liquid lipstick & eyeliner sample from Kat Von D
Koko Lashes form Lady Moss
Cossette Brushes form Alcone
Beauty Blenders from Frends Beauty 
Limited edition TMS 10th anniversary brush set from The London Brush Company

The Magic Touch sponges form IMYB (I make you beautiful)
Brushes form Crown Brush 
Lip gloss, brow set & eye liner form Auraline Beauty 
Glitter from Eye Kandy
Eye shadows from Makeup Forever Paris
I also wanted to try the Makeup Forever Primers, spanking new Ultra HD foundations and a few other items but by the time I made it to the booth my Nigerian Mastercard was acting up (thank you UBA *eye roll). I meant to go by the store later to get them but never got around to it.
In addition to the items I purchased myself, at the bloggers preview I received the following i the press bag…
HD Brush set from Crown Brush 
Variety of NYX products 

Lip pen and eye shadow from Vincent Longo

Highlighter from Gleam
Invisible finish powerless powder from Eve Pearl 
Scented brush cleaner & mini sanitising mist from Beauty So Clean
Blush from Nars & Sephora, multi purpose cream from OCC & Smashbox & lipgloss ftp, Armour & 

Mascara from beauty Addicts & Pur, Lash glue from IMYB & Lashes from Kevin Aucoin

Pencils from Ardency Inn, Kimiko, Mustaev & Micheal Marcus

Brushes from Senna Cosmetis, Bdellium tools & Sephora Pro 

Makeup remover from Bioderma & Lauren Napier, Primer from Nutring Force, Bodyography & Embryollise and bronzer from Stila  
Limited edition makeup purse from Glamcor 
Mini glitter kit from Lit Cosmetics 

That’s it, a lot of makeup I know and I cant wait to dive in. What would you like to see a review of first? Let me know and I’ll push it to the top of the list *off to roll around in eye shadow* LOL


  • Annette Akye
    Posted May 26, 2015 at 8:09 AM

    wow! Thats some serious stuff in there! I'd love to see a review of the IMYB lash glue. Heard good things about it.

  • Maranatha Egure
    Posted May 26, 2015 at 9:08 AM

    Ah! I'm officially jealous of you Stella! This is a serious haul o! lol!

  • Aijay
    Posted June 8, 2015 at 10:32 AM

    Kat von d eyeshadow palette. I love shadows, pls review this first. Awesome haul!

  • Stella
    Posted July 17, 2015 at 8:09 PM

    Coming right up…x

  • Stella
    Posted July 17, 2015 at 8:14 PM

    coming right up…x

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