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The Makeup Show: Kit Focus with The Makeup Show Artists

As promised here is the rest of the seminar Kit Focus with The Makeup Show ArtistsJames Vincent, Esterique Aidan, Jon Hennessy, Orlando Santiago: The Q&A session

Q.What would you recommend for minimizing large pores. 
Pore refiner by Sothys
Esterique. A. Pore Refiner from Sothys (only sold in Europe) works great.
James. V. Makeup Forever HD Elixir or Beauty Bomb
Makeup Forever HD Elixir 
Orlando. S Smashbox Targeted line and pore primer looks just like skin so you cant tell the difference

Jon. H Mac Line filler. I really like it for reducing texture on the skin around the eyes/nose.

Q.Do you find that when you work with cream it looks different in pictures? In a case like that would you use more or less product?
Jon. H It all depends on the lighting. My process when working with arable light is very different from when I work in a controlled studio setting. Lighting is really everything
There is a certain amount of guessing involved until you get someone in front of a camera. To get an idea of what to expect I sometimes have the model photographed without makeup, see what to expect and work towards that. 

Orlando S. Its all very situational. When they take a few pictures and are testing, that is usually when I’m most attentive, that tells me if I need to go in and change something or if I’ve gone too far. 

Esterique.A And that’s fine. I think its important for everyone involved in the shoot to see the the test shoots to ensure it is accurate. To be a good artist you need to pay attention and work on set even if everyone else is clowning around

James. V Be on set, be behind the monitor and be ready to make changes when necessary. “Our job is to design, apply and maintain makeup. Putting the same face on all your clients makes you a makeup technician not an artist” 

Q.Air brushing? Do you or don’t you?

Esterique. A. I don’t do it. I need to feel my clients skin, I do my thing with my hands. I tried airbrush, and I had a great teacher too (Orlando Santiago), but I’m just not good at it. I don’t think you need to do airbrush to be a good MUA. I think it’s more important to be able to do things with your hands

James. V. I disagree. I think air brush is another tool and if you don’t know it, you are doing your self a de-service. I think its important to know as much as possible. I make a lot of money because other artists don’t do airbrush.

Orlando S. Its very situational. I do both, sometimes I do one other times I do the other or could do some makeup manually then go over it with air brush for a flawless finish.

James. V I think you need to understand airbrush and know why and when it is beneficial. It’s not the end all and be all but you owe it to yourself to at least educate yourself and decide if its something that can make your work easier and a lot faster. 

Esterique.A  I only airbrush the body like for a bathing suit shoot. It allows me to works a lot faster.

James V. Airbrush makeup is great for HD is because it deposits in pixels and that’s the way HD cameras pick things up.

Q.What do you recommend for men’s grooming?

Esterique A. A mans skin does not react like a woman’s skin so you cannot treat it the same way. Use as little product as possible. If he has good skin, you don’t need it just let him be a man

James V. When you take out all the discolouration under the eyes and its all perfect. It stops to look like a man to me.

Jon H. Placement is very important . With a male client, the places you would warm up the skin is different from where you would warm up a woman’s complexion. For the lips make sure you use products with texture but no gloss or sheen.  Go with a minimalist approach, sometimes all you need is moisturiser and brushed eye brows. Look at the client and access his needs before you even pick up a brush .


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