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The Make Up Show New York: Part 1

One word… Amazing!

The Make Up show is an annual event held in New York and L.A by the Power group. The show combines exhibitions of leading makeup brands, make up artists, beauty bloggers and you tubers, hands on workshops, seminars, product demos loads of discounts, deals and freebies.

This year the New York show was held at the Metropolitan Pavilion on 18th street in downtown Manhattan on the 16th and 17th of May 2010. I was fortunate to attend the show on both days even though the notorious ”ash cloud” almost ruined my chances. As my Nigerian people would say “The devil is a liar”.

The show was absolutely amazing,  two days of make up fun!!! I’m so glad I didn’t miss it. I have been to other make up show but this one is my best so far.

OK so I don’t normally take pictures on the floor… I was just really excited!

Everyone was so nice and friendly, if you locked eyes with a complete stranger, you would both smile and probably start a conversation like you had known each other for years! It was like we were all members of the same really cool club.

The brands present include MakeUp forever, MAC, OCC, L’Oreal, Naked cosmetics, Alcone, Becca, Crown brush, Fluhme, Graftobian, Hakuhodo, I Make You Beautiful, Kryolan, Kett cosmetics,  , MUD… I could fill more lines like this but I’ll stop because I’m guessing you get the idea. Tons of brands were there!

Kett Cosmetics
Eye Kandy
Stila Cosmetics
Mac Pro
MakeUp Forever (One of my favs!)
Nigel Beauty Emporium

Many leading professional makeup brands were present with stands showing off their products. Some of them had make up artists do demonstrations with their products at their stands and also during seminars held in two different areas on the floor.

Crown Brushes… busy as ever
Eve Pearl
Shu Uemura

Yup I took tons of pictures, I can’t share them all but I think this comes pretty close.

There were also many seminars, although some of them were like long sales pitches two of them caught my eye…
Durable Divas: Party proof Makeup by Kevin James Bennet for Make Up Forever

He used MUFE products and as you can see he did great! Needless to say I was at the MUFE booth first thing the next morning to stock up on their products.

This was the line to get to the MUFE till!!! Hence my early morning return
He was so nice I had tons of questions and he answered them all!

The entire booth was at 40% off retail price but selected products were on sale in sets at 50% off.

Breath new life into your skin: Val Hernandez for Youngblood Mineral Make Up.

As she worked with the YB products she passed them round so we could try them. I liked the feel so once again after the seminar I went over to the stand and got some of their stuff.

Apart from these seminars there were many others and keynote and business forums but as everything was kind off happening at the same time I could not attend them all. Here are some of the seminars I did attend.

The airbrush revolution: HD recode & technology by David Klasfeld for OCC

Easy airbrushing for the Pro artist By Marc Harvey for Luminess air
Tools of the trade by James Vincent for Crown Brush
Strengthening your online presence by Victoria stiles for TPG Pro
Shock effect everyday drama by Koren Zander for Naked cosmetics



That’s it for part 1 more to come soon 😉


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