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So Nails Glitter Mini Haul

I probably should not be buying more nail art supplies but I saw this in the So Nails store and couldn’t resist….

The So Nails store carries glitter in different sizes, forms and colors.
I picked this set because each one is a mix of glitter in different sizes and forms. Each shade has iridescent bits and pieces in it that I just love.
The set of 12 retails for 15 Euros, they sell glitter pots individually for 1.70 Euros but when I was in the store the prettier glitter pots were in the sets of 12.

Of the 12, these are my Favs…


Bright blue


Dark blue, this one reminds me of denim 🙂
I can’t wait to try these out. I’m thinking glitter nail tips, and with the right glitter glue, maybe even on eye shadow….



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