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The very first review I have for you is of the recently released Shomya Beauty Diamond pots. You may already know the Shomya brand for its makeup studio and salon in Lekki but did you know they had a makeup range as well? I did 🙂 

A few weeks ago they added new products to their range including…Diamond pots.

The diamond pots as very fine loose pigments. They are super sparkly so they look like a cross between a loose eyeshadow and glitter. Available in 13 different shades including the 8 I will be showing you in this post.

Designed to be eyeshadow toppers you can press them onto eyeshadow, an eyeshadow base or as I have done in my swatches and demo mix them with a mixing medium. How you used them and apply them would determine the effect you get; press them onto eye shadow for a soft sparkle, into a base for more color and sparkle, or with a mixing medium for an almost metallic sparkle (as in swatches)

This may be tricky to use especially if you are not used to working with loose pigments or glitter. If you are a beginner I recommend you work with a mixing medium (you can make one with  part glycerin and 2 parts water). Here I have used the mixing medium from Graftobian. I wet the brush, dip in pigment and spread.

L-R: Stars in her eyes, Dream Girls, Her Majesty, Sea Breeze, Envy Me, Goldiluxe, Dollhouse, Mirror Mirror.

L-R: Her Majesty, Sea Breeze, Envy Me, Goldiluxe, Dollhouse, Mirror Mirror.

The Diamond Pots come in a clear 3gram tub housed in a little white box with the brand logo embossed on the top. Also on the box you will find a lot of  product info. The tub is clear so through it you can see the product from the top or sides.  At the bottom of each tub is the shade name. I especially like that the shade names immediately give you an idea of what the shades look like; “Envy me” is shade of green, “Goldiluxe” is a gold, Her Majesty is a purple… you get the gist

Diamond pots retail for N2500 for 3g. Bulk discounts are also available if you buy 6 pots or more. They are available at Shomya Makeup studio; Block 12E Plot B Admiralty Way Lekki phase

I was sent 2 of these for review and after swatching them I ordered 6 more…immediately. Enough said! They are that beautiful. At N2,500 for 3g they are also quite affordable plus you save more when you buy more (you probably will especially if you get the chance to swatch then). However they are loose pigments and very fine at that so they can be messy. I have been using them for a couple weeks now  and I’m really happy with this purchase, definitely worth it. If sparkle and shine is your thing, you will love these.


“Meanwhile these three remain; faith, hope and love; and the greatest of these is love.”1 Cos 13:13


  • Unknown
    Posted August 26, 2017 at 5:14 PM

    Stella! Stella! Stella! I held my breath all the way through but exhaled at the end with a BIG smile. This Stella likes to tell u the truth…friend or no friend….and so I'm always afraid to hear what she has to say!! I'm happy u love these hon. Thanks for a truly honest and nice (yay) review. NOW I can share it….lol. xxx

  • Stella
    Posted August 26, 2017 at 5:16 PM

    LOL! Fear not I've loved these from jump! xoxo

  • Unknown
    Posted August 27, 2017 at 7:49 AM

    They are so pretty! 'Love em!

  • Unknown
    Posted January 4, 2019 at 4:55 PM

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