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Sam Fine In lagos Part 2 | Sam Fine X Mac Cosmetics Nigeria Masterclass Q & A Session

Happy New Week Everyone! So my crazy schedule has held me up from putting these up but the wait is OVER! LOL. I can finally share tips and skills I picked up at Sam Fine’s Masterclass with MAC Nigeria.

Q&A Session 

How do you do the really light auburn brows?
A lot of the time I will bleach brows because it really helps to bring out the eyes and features. You do not need to have black brows because you are dark and have dark hair. After bleaching you need to bring colour back to the brows, so do it with a soft brown pencil.

How do you deal with tired eyes and eye dark under eye bags
Highlight & Contour works on everyone, even mature women. Whether you are working on a super model, celebrity or real woman they still have the same concerns. When you highlight the centre of the face, it reflects light so whether your client has puffy eyes or darkness under the eyes, highlighting the centre of the face will still make a difference. So use concealer

How to do you deal with textured skin?
Same as above. When creating coverage on textured skin you want to create a matte finish. Avoid glitter and shimmer even if it is on trend.

How do you deal with skin issues like hyperpigmentation, dark spots without going too heavy
You need to find a good balance between cream and liquid using them in specific areas to get the coverage you want without being too heavy.

Other ways to correct the skin without using colour correctors
If you are using enough coverage in a shade that looks good on her skin then you do not need to colour correct. When you spackle you use white, it doesn’t come in colours its just basic white, then you can colour over it and it all looks the same. I mix colours and shades on her while I’m working on her face and I can do that because creams are so malleable.

What to look out for when shopping for under eye powders that are not drying? 

Definitely stay away from anything that is marketed as oil control, you also do not want something heavily pigmented because you are not looking for coverage in this area. You just need something that will highlight and whisk away very easily. 

Do you do anything different for mature skin?
You need to care for it different and keep it a bit wet. Most times mature black skin still has the same texture but with more discolouration so good coverage still helps a great deal

How do you deal with putting false lashes on really curly lashes?

You have to go behind it. After you apply them, stroke them with mascara; that will help to diffuse them and pull some of the curl away from the lash

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From our first meeting in 2010…

 “Let us come before him with thanksgiving and extol him with music and song. For the LORD is the great God, the great King above all gods.” Psalm 95:2-3

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