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Product Review | Zaron Matte Lip Stain

A couple of weeks ago I received the latest additions to the Zaron makeup collection for review: matte lip stains and matte lipsticks. I have since played and swatted them for you so here is all you need to know about the Zaron Matte Lip Stains (my review on the matte lipsticks is coming soon!)

Zaron Matte Lip stains come in a shiny black square tube with a clear base you can see the product shade through. The brand and product name reprinted on it in silver.  Inside is the applicator is slightly flattened which I think helps in getting a precise application. I like the packaging, solid and sturdy and different from most.

They have a thick liquid consistency and are VERY pigmented. Yes I had to do that in caps so you know I mean business. The pigmentation on these babies is really impressive. The darker shades Brandy, Royal and Rockstar were smooth and easy to apply, I didn’t need to re-dip to get full coverage on my lips. Pout was trickier to apply evenly, but I made still made it.

They dry down to a matte long lasting finish that survived not 1 but 2 cups of coffee and beyond.  The one downside would have to be the sticky finish. After they dry they leave some stickiness you feel when ever you put your lips together… These stay on pretty much all day (depending on what you have for lunch LOL.

I was sent 4 of the 12 available shades:

Brandy, a muddy milk chocolate brown.

Pout, an almost florescent bright pink.

Rock Star, a deep pink based red.

Royale, a deep plum shade.

They retail for N2,750 each, making them on of the more affordable matte lip stains on the market. High end liquid matte lip sticks retail for at least double.

Available at Zaron studios and their distributors nationwide.

Liquid matte lipsticks are definitely trending at the moment. If you want to try the trend without breaking g bank these are definitely a good option. The sticky feeling it leaves bothers me but for the price and colour payoff I say its worth it. You probably guessed but as a shameless lover of purple Royale is my favourite shade followed closely by Pop star.

Have you tired any of these? Which shade would you rock?



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  • Amber Clay
    Posted May 26, 2017 at 5:28 PM

    I like your brows

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