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Product Review: Yves-Rocher Metalglow Cream Eyeshadow, liquid liner and more

First of all let me say that Yves Rocher is not my regular stop for make up. Why? Well for starters they don’t make foundation or blush  for women of color as their reps gladly inform you when you approach their displays. Their other products are alright though. Secondly… do I really need another reason?

Anyway I am a sucker for fruity soap, body wash, lotion and all …so I had to join their club.  As a member I get deals every month and in March it was a buy one get one free deal on their beauty products. There is almost  always some kind of deal going on for their beauty products (guess they are not too popular). I decided to take advantage of the deal and this is what I got.

I got yellow peach soap which by the way doesn’t smell anything like regular peach and shower gel in mexican lime that I absolutely love. Its got a really rich smell that lingers and lingers. I also got a pretty white cometic bag as a gift(they call it a gift but you still pay for it). 
In make up I got black liquid eyeliner, metallic glow cream eyeshadow and samples I will not be trying because they are wrinkle cream and foundation about 20 shades too light! Last month I got black mascara, nail color in  No 1 Pastel brilliance and a nail polish remover pen.

Metal glow Cream Eye shadow
I got this in two shades from their natural color line, bronze (a metallic light green) and mercury (a metallic light brown). Here are their swatches and the sponge applicator: 
Metal glow cream eye shadow is a rich cream formula. Mecury is a great color I think it works well alone and will be great for a mix with other colors. However it’s the kind of cream eye shadow that will crease almost immediately you apply it unless of course you can leave your eyes closed till it dries. I wore it with black powder shadow in my crease of my eye and outer corner of my eye lid, that helped reduce the creasing (but didn’t stop it all together).
The product has great stay power, I put it on at about 1pm (with out a primer) and it stayed in place until about 3am when I washed it off. That’s a solid 13 hours!
Long stay power and good color pay off. Will crease unless you use a good eye shadow base or set it with powder eye shadow at least in your crease.

Liquid Eye liner
Luminelle liquid liner comes with a very slim brush tip. This tip is great if you want a lot of flexibility but not very beginner friendly (unless you are a fan of tough love). the formula is ok and stays on all day too. It dries with a matte finish.
Ultra Volume mascara
I got this as a gift last month and I’m glad I didn’t pay a lot for it because it’s nothing to write home about. To the get the “volume” you need to pile on at least three coats because it comes with a wand that manages to come out of the bottle with almost no product on it. I will reserve this for use with false lashes since I don’t want a lot product then anyway. On the plus side, it does come with a small wand.
I haven’t tried the nail color or nail polish remover pen yet but will be sure to let you know how that works out.

Thats it Divas

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