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Product Review: Sleek I divine palettes

So as you may already know I recently won all 10 Sleek I divine mineral based eye shadow palettes released to date, so I figure it’s as good a time as any for a review. Sleek Make up has 10 mineral based 12-color eye shadow palettes in all (limited editions included). They are Original, Storm, Chaos, Jewels, Acid, Safari, Curious, Sunset, Graphite and Bohemian.

This is definitely my favorite of the 10 its a great palette.  Its got 3 shimmer shades and 9 matte ones including 2 colors that will make great highlights (for chocolate skin). 
Thumbs Up: I love the new carton pack it came in. Instead of the usual clear pack, it came in a white artsy designed pack I will not be throwing out in a hurry. The color pigmentation is also pretty impressive; the matte shades have improved drastically since the Chaos palette. My favorite colors are the purple, the dark taupe, burgundy and dark blue.
Thumbs Down: I’m not crazy about the new white case, think it makes the palette look kinda of cheap.
This one makes me think of a night out.  12 metallic shades, ideal if you are into smoky eyes. It’s got some 3 light shades and 9 dark ones. My favorites would be the 3 shades with a hint of purple in them.
Thumbs Up: Good for creating smoky eyes. Its got dark shades in grey, black or purple so your smoky eyes don’t have to be black. Good color pay of and the smooth application.
Thumbs Down: 6 of the 12 shades in this palette can be described as grey, different shades  but still grey. It’s still a good palette but if you are looking to get just one this is probably not it.
Where it all began… this was the very first product I ever got from Sleek, safe to say I haven’t looked back since.  An all-shimmer palette with 12 metallic colors greens, blues, pinks and browns. My favorite colors in this one are the purple, brown, navy blue and a pink shade that changes to gold in the light.
Sorry I flipped the rows.
Thumbs Up: Nice color range, the color pay off is also good and they work well wet or dry. 
All shimmer shades with a yellow that is a cross between shimmer and matte. This palette houses two of my favorite colors of all: The metallic taupe and dark burgundy. 
Thumbs Up: Some nice shades and great color pay off.
Thumbs down: This palette has some pretty random shades I would say it doesn’t follow any central color theme. Some of the colors in here are repeats from previous palettes as well.
This was my favorite for a long while after it was launched. I like how warm the shades are. 11 shimmer shades and one matte one (black).
Thumbs Up: Nice shades, easy to wear (I used to recommend this to beginners) and good color pay off.
Like the Jewels palette all but the black are shimmer shades, it’s also a very warm palette. The shades kind of remind you of the sun, fire…you know with reddish shades and all…
This palette has the first true red shade in the I divine series along with peachy, red and gold shades and a shocking turquoise shade. My favorite shades in this palette are the peachy golds
Thumbs up: Warm colors that are easy to wear. Smooth application and good color pay of.
Thumbs down: Some colors in this palette are repeats from the Jewels palette.
The “mellow palette” as I used to call it back when I sold them. A nice blend of calm colors , its also has a green and a blue (but in calm dark shades), a light matte beige great for a highlight and dark brown that works well for contour or to fill in eyebrows . Introducing another one of my favorite colors I call this one ‘chocolate shimmer’ a pretty shimmery dark brown. My favs in this palette would be the “chocolate shimmer” and the burgundy shade. 
This is the earthy palette, its got 3 matte shades and 9 shimmery shades, a blend of greens, browns and golds. In this palette is my favorite shade for a highlight (at the moment); a matte light brown with a little bit of sparkle to it and “chocolate shimmer”.
Thumbs Up: Great colors, easy to use on any skin tone, great color pay off.
Thumbs down: 4 of the colors have featured in previous palettes.
Woah! Yes that is what I said the first time I saw this palette. It’s got actual neon shades in it: Pink orange, green and yellow (matte). 6 matte shades and 6 shimmer shades; my favorites are the purple and green.
Thumbs up: definitely a unique palette most of the shades are new to the I divine collections (apart from black of course)
The only all matte I divine palette. This palette has a wide array of random colors. My favorites from this one are the browns, army green and believe or not orange.
Thumbs up: I am more adventurous with color when they are matte.
Thumbs down: the color pay off isn’t fantastic, for best results apply it on a cream base or one of their metallic shades.
These palettes are really nice, all but the Chaos palette give really good color pay off even without a base and considering the price (£4.99) it is a really good deal for 12 shades. I have all 10 and will definitely be getting the 11th one when it comes out (which is soon by the way).

TTFN Divas!



  • Mylanqolia
    Posted April 28, 2010 at 8:47 PM

    Thanks for the overview of the whole Sleek "bunch". I'm also an avid fan of the Jewels palette. Actually, it was the teaser or appetizer that led me to Sleek MU.:-)

  • Stella
    Posted November 26, 2011 at 9:12 PM


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