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Product Review: OPI Iphone application

OPI is one of my favorite brands of nail color so when I found out they had an Iphone application I was quick to get it installed.

Choosing nail color can be pretty tricky because you don’t always get to try them on, and even when you do some colors look different on all 10 nails as opposed to just one.
With this application you can try on nail color and change the complexion on the hand to make it match your own, all this on your Iphone!

The Icon
You can pick a shade from a list…

Or the color wheel. Click here to compare with a real picture.

Pretty cool huh… I thought so.

The only down side it that it shows all the shades matte so it not not really accurate for shades with frosting.
This is a free application and if you don’t have an Iphone don’t fret because it’s also available on the OPI website.
TTFN Divas!


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