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Product Review: MaqPro Michel Deruelle Fards Crème/Cream pigments

One of many reviews, I have backed up. I bought these in March this year at the Maqpro store here in Paris, Click HERE for more on my visit to the store.

Maqpro Fards crème/Cream pigments retail prices range from €14 -€450 depending on quantity of product and number of shades. The 5ml pots I got retail for 15 each.
Maqpro offers a 50% discount for professionals and 75% for students. I got the professional discount (with my Makeup Magazine Pro card) so I got 2 pots for €15  instead of just one 😀 *happy addict*. 
#157 (blood red)


Maqpro Fard creme (Cream pigments) come in basic plastic packaging. The 5ml pots I got come in small clear plastic stackable pots. One lidless pot screws securely into the base of another creating a cylindrical stack.

#2004 (dark brown) 


Maqpro products are available on sale at Maqpro here in Paris but also from some distributors like PAM in the UK.

Maqpro Fard crème (Cream pigments) are highly pigmented multi purpose cream pigments available in 210 shades of flat and shimmery finishes. The pigmentation on these creams is very impressive; a little goes a long way.
They can be used on the face, cheeks, eyes and lips.
I got 2 shades #2004 (dark brown) and #157 (blood red). I have used #2004 mainly as a contour to darken cream foundation or on its own. I have also used it as an eye shadow base (it’s not crease proof btw).
#157 works well as blush, lip stain and  an eye shadow base.
So far I’m really happy with the quality of my Maqpro products and these pigments are no exception. Great pigmentation, multiple uses and available in over 200 shades! They are not cheap but I say they are worth the money.



    Posted June 24, 2022 at 4:36 AM


  • Charlotte27
    Posted June 24, 2022 at 8:59 AM

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