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Product Review: Magnolia Makeup Shimmery Individual Pigments

Yesterday I showed you my matte Magnolia Makeup pigments, today its time for my shimmery shades.

Because the matte and shimmery pigments have a lot in common (packaging, price, purchasing…) I won’t repeat it all, instead I’ll mention only features specific to these shades.

If you missed my review on Magnolia Makeup matte pigments click HERE

I got 7 shimmery shades: Firewater, Mystique, Tinsel, Zany, Kiss, Nina and Ella.

These pigmets are some of the shimmeriest, sparkliest  (are those real words?) I’ve ever seen :-).
Pictures don’t really do them justice but I had to try…

Firewater is a turquoise shimmery shade with light blue sparkles.

Mystique is a rich cobalt blue shimmery shade with subtle iridescent sparkle. 

This was the dealmaker for me. After I saw a look the queen of blending did with this pigment I knew I absolutely had to get it! I love how blue it is.

Tinsel is a shimmery silver shade with silver sparkle. The shiniest, sparkliest silver I’ve ever seen!

Zany is a light pink shade with turquoise sparkle. Another unique shade.

Kiss is a true purple with iridescent sparkle. Just another reminder that I <3 purple

From the Jazz Singer Collection…

Nina a taupey silvery shade with iridescent sparkle.

Ella is a sparkly golden brown shade. “Pot of Gold” comes to mind 🙂


Firewater & Mystique
Kiss & Zany

Like the matte shades these pigments give really good color pay off and can be worm with or without a cream base. The sparkle mixed in with the shimmer makes them unique and really pretty. Like most loose pigment they can get messy if you are not careful with them.

I can’t wait to use them all.

Click below for looks I’ve done using these some of these pigments

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