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Product Review: Magnolia Makeup Glitter

Here’s more from my Makeup Show Berlin haul (months late I know..). In addition to the pigments I got from Magnolia makeup, I also picked up 2 pots of glitter.

Black Hologram glitter: Black brown glitter
Blue Hologram glitter: A purple/blue iridescent glitter (love it!)

Both glitters are fine (very small), I had no issues using them around my eyes and lips. You also need to use some kind of glitter glue or cream base to get them to stick.  

On the down side, they retail for $10 each is a tad pricy for glitter but like their pigments, they come in pretty unique shades. The glitter also tends to get every where  almost when you twist the cap off (pretty normal for glitter), so handle with care. 


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