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Product Review: Lila’lli Lip Collision

Months ago Amina Ajayi, the beauty behind British makeup brand Lila’lli stopped by our studio to introduce me to the Lila’lli range of multi-functional makeup products. I have to say that of all the Nigerian owned makeup brands I have tried (and I have tried pretty much all of them) this is without a doubt one of my favs!

The Lila’lli Cosmetics is a range of multifunctional makeup products, from pencils that work as eyeliner, lip liner or eye shadow to pressed blush that doubles as eye shadow, everything in the range with the exception of the eye lashes has at least 2 makeup functions. She left me some samples I’ve been playing with for a while and will reviewing for you one after the other. 1st up are the Lip Collisions.

Lila’lli Lip Collison is a double sided lip product; on one end a semi-matte finish lip stick and on the other end a matching lip gloss. Each can be worn alone or layered on for a full colour, full shine effect. I was given Lila’lli lip collisions in Billie & Katie. Thanks to the formula of the lipstick, it doubles as an eye shadow base.

Billie is an easy chocolate nude. I call it easy because unlike most beige based nude shades a chocolate skinned girl would be crazy to wear with out a lip liner, Billie has more brown to it, a really milky chocolate kinda nude a dark skinned girl like me can pull off “easily” even without a lip liner.

Katie is a bright pink shade with purple undertones. I particularly liked wearing this shade with the matching gloss over it.

Billie Lipstick worn alone
Katie Lipstick worn alone
Katie & Billie Lipgloss worn alone

Both lipstick and lip gloss are nicely pigmented. The lipstick worn alone stayed on for most of the day and even survived 2 cups of coffee. With the lipgloss over it the colour is brighter and glossy, really pretty but doesn’t wear as long as the lipstick alone. I am yet to try these on my eyes…

Billie Lipstick worn with lipgloss
Katie Lipstick worn with lip gloss

The packaging is really impressive. Away from the usual black packaging I found it refreshing that Lila’lli went for purple lipstick tube instead. The gloss comes in a small clear bottle at the bottom of the lipstick tube.

Lila’lli Lip Collisions retail for £15/N3,900 for 3.5g of lipstick and 2.5g of lipgloss. At first the price seems a little steep but considering the fact that you get a full size lipstick and lipgloss for about the price of a high end lipstick (MAC lipsticks retail for about N3,800) its actually reasonable.

Lila’lli Lip Collisions are available form Lila’,  Beauty and MyMakeupNg.

I’m really pleased with these products. I carry Billie around with me all the time now, a girl can always use a nude lippie right? LOL. I will probably be purchasing more shades soon, I have my sights on Elizabeth (the deep pink pink red shad)

Have you tried any Lila’lli products yet?



  • Unknown
    Posted June 30, 2014 at 11:12 AM

    They are soo pretty!

  • Abby
    Posted June 30, 2014 at 12:33 PM

    The Billie combo looks promising…xo

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