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Product Review: Konad Stamping Nail Art

You’ll need; an image plate, nail polish, a scraper and a stamp. You should also keep tissue, cotton wool and nail polish remover handy.

They say:

“Konad Stamping Nail Art ™ is a new and innovative nail-imprinting kit that allows you to stamp beautiful pre-designed images on your nails in minutes! Our kits do not hold back on quality, it delivers beautiful delicate images that hand painting cannot achieve. Not only are the kits cost effective and time saving, but they are also versatile; You can also use them on accessories like sunglasses, cell phones, earrings, and almost anywhere you wish”

How it works:

The Prep: You can start with a coat of nail polish, or  apply it directly on to your nail. You can even place the designs under acrylic/gel.

The Chosen one: Pick the image plate,  design and nail color you will like to use. I usually place the design plate on some tissue to catch the excess nail polish.
The Design: Cover the chosen image with nail polish. Using the scraper, in one brisk move take off all the excess polish from the top of the design but firmly passing the scraper over it.

The Pick up: Gently press the stamp over the design to pick it up

The application: Immediately after picking it up, gently apply the design on the prepared nail.

The Seal: Seal in the design with your favorite top coat.

Wipe the image plate with cotton wool and nail polish remover and repeat until your design is complete.

Still don’t get it? Check out this video 🙂

This is one of the easiest ways to get detailed nail art designs especially if you intend DIY.
However it is not as simple as it looks. You need to be patient, be prepared for some failed attempts but you’ll get it right once you get used to the system.
Timing is key, if you wait to long the polish can dry and you will not be able to pick up the design or lay it on you nail.

Do I you have to use the “Konad Special nail polish” for your designs?
NO! Konad sales people may tell you need to use Konad special nail polish but the truth is…you don’t.
The special nail polish is thicker than regular nail polish. This makes it dry faster and give a more opaque design (the color appears as it looks in the bottle),  regular nail polish will not dry as fast and the color of your design will not be as opaque as the polish looks in the bottle (remember you usually need 2 coats to get that level of opacity)

I got my plates for 4.50Euros at the Spa Mondial & Beauté show in March but they retail for about 7.50Euros. They are available individually or in sets (big and small) containing plates, polish, scrapers and stamps. To find a retailer near you check Google there are a lot of them 😉

Hope this helps 🙂


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