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Product Review: Konad Image plates M56, M57, M60, S3 and some

I got my Konad nail art supplies at The Spa Mondial Beauté show here in Paris. Konad products are available from many independent resellers around the world so there is probably one close to you.

I got 4 image plates; M57,S3,M56 and M60 (pictured above)
Each image plate comes with several designs that can be used in many different ways. I’m still getting a hang of it all…
Konad M56: I haven’t used this one yet…
Konad M57: I’m loving the leopard print
Konad S3: Got Jesus? I love the tiny little bible 🙂
Konad M60: Bandana, Argyle, check whats not to like 🙂
And a half: I got this one in a mini kit so it’s not sold separately. You’ve got to love butterflies
Mini kits are a great way to get started especially if you are not sure you want to invest in a big collection. In them you get a bit of everything; a mini image plate, a scraper, a stamp, and special nail polish. This one retails for 7.50Euros.
That’s my Konad image plate collection for now 😉

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