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Product Review: Kiko Definition Waterproof Eyeliner

They say
Liquid eyeliner with a waterproof formula.
The creamy texture slightly increases the ease of application and makes it suitable to any user, from the more experienced to less experienced.
The formula guarantees a unique colorful vinyl effect.
 Translated from the Kiko website

Product & Performance
Kiko Definition waterproof eyeliner is metallic liquid eyeliner. It has a thick consistency similar to nail polish and glides on smoothly. Once dry- and it dries pretty quickly, it’s absolutely budge proof!
I got it in 04- Electric blue, a bright metallic shade of blue. On my chocolate skin it appears slightly darker than it looks in the bottle, but I still love it.
 I wore this eyeliner for a 12-hour day, and at the end of which it looked just as it had when I first put it on.

Kiko Definition waterproof eyeliner retails for 5,90 € for 4.5ml of product. This price ranks it among the more affordable colored eyeliners on the market and as make it a good dupe for the Makeup forever Aqua liners that retail for 19.50 €.
Kiko Definition waterproof eyeliner comes in a cylindrical bottle with a thin brush applicator.
I personally prefer brush applicators; I feel like they give me more freedom but they might not be very beginner friendly.

I got mine at a Kiko store in Rome during my short vacation there in June. They have stores around Europe and an online store but unfortunately they do not ship internationally.  Click HERE for the list of Kiko stores.

Great product! Bright vibrant colors that stay put all day. For the price I think it’s definitely worth the money. The down side of its long lasting stay however, is taking it off at the end of the day. You will need a really good eye makeup remover to get it off; just washing your face does not cut it (trust me!).



  • B A R B A R A
    Posted August 24, 2011 at 12:12 PM

    i loved the look you did with it in yesterday's post

  • Stella
    Posted August 24, 2011 at 9:52 PM

    Thank you…x

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