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Product Review: J’ouvert Cosmetics Powder Blush

Still on the road to J’ouvert Cosmetics discovery, next stop powder blush…

I got this product in my Makeup Show Europe Press bag.

The packaging is pretty basic, no bells or whistles here.
J’ouvert Cosmetics blush come in a black compact with a matte finish and the brand name written on the cover in silver.
The compact looks just like one you would buy pressed powder in, complete with a hidden compartment where a puff would be, except there is no puff or applicator of any kind, so I’m not sure why its there…

J’ouvert blush has a nice smooth texture that glides on easily. Good colour pay off that can be t blended out or built up for a more cover.
I got a shade called Quiet storm, a shimmery brown with peach tones, perfect for adding a soft glow to the face.

J’ouvert Cosmetics blush retails for €24.00 for 12g of product. While €24.00 is steep for blush, 12g is a lot more product than you would typically get. Compared to Mac (€20.50/6g) you get twice the product for almost the same price. J’ouvert is more expensive than drug store brands like Sleek though (€7/8g).

Available from the J’ouvert cosmetics website. Click HERE for access.

Bottom line:
The smooth texture of this blush makes it a dream to apply,  a light application for a soft glow or packed on for more colour.
The shades are all shimmery though so if you have imperfections on your cheeks you might want to stay away. 



  • Alicia
    Posted December 7, 2011 at 3:05 PM

    i love hearing about new brands

  • Stella
    Posted December 9, 2011 at 4:05 PM

    Well, you are in the right place because I like to share my findings 😉

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