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Product Review: Inglot 5 shadow palette

At the New York make up show last month, the Inglot stand was one of the busiest stands.

What stoop out most to me was the freedom system,  as the name implies it allows you make your own palette.

This is how it works: they give you a magnetic board where you place all the pans you choose (after testing them of course), you give it back to them and in minutes your palette is ready. I got a 5 color eyeshadow palette.

Pearl 407,D.S 464, D.S 72,Pearl 452, D.S 483
Their eye shadow shades are numbered and I noticed two categories the pearl and DS eye shadows. the pearl shades are shimmery and the D.S shades are matte with metallic specs  in them.

I’m loving this concept, its so innovative. I think the ability to put whatever you like in a magnetic palette is just awesome. Whats more, these palettes can be stacked up on top of each other thanks to magnets.
The eye shadows give good color pay off and come on velvet smooth especially with the Pearl eye shadows.
The packaging is really unique, a black base with a monogrammed frosted glass cover which you slide off to open.
Bottom line I’m loving this palette and it will definitely not be my last.

TTFN Beauties

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