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Product Review: Inglot 20 Eye Shadow Palette (Matte, D.S & AMC Eye shadows)

They say…
Our unique Freedom System allows customers to experiment with countless shades and color combinations of different face products, giving them the opportunity to create their own customized colour palette.

Product & Performance

Nice eye shadows, they have a soft, smooth powdery feel and give good color pay off. I have tried matte eye shadows from different brands lately and these are some of my favorites so far.
A very wide range of shades, so much so that some of the shades are really similar; just slightly lighter or darker than the other especially with the neutrals and the browns. My first instinct was to get a 40 palette but after swatching them in the store I decided to start with 20.

Inglot eye shadows come in 5 different finishes; 


Pearl: Pearlized shimmer eye shaodws.


D.S (Double sparkle): a matte finish with lots of fine sparkle in it. Inglot D.S eye shadows are my personal favorite

AMC: Like the D.S shades these have a matte finish with fine sparkle. The AMC shades have less sparkle than the D.S shades. 

AMC Shine : Velvet smooth shimmery eye shadow with fine sparkle.
The eye shadows come in square and round pans. The round pans contain less product and cost a little less than the squares.
Matte: This one is totally self explanatory.


Purples and Blues…

Pinks, white, yellow…
Inglot Freedom system’s customizable magnetic palette is a really innovative concept.
The palettes come in different sizes to hold 2, 3, 4, 5,10, 20 and 40 shades of product. They are a bit heavy but in the quality-product-kind-of-way ;-). 
Slide the palettes open with care.
For me, the 20 palette is the largest I can manage to hold while working on a client (which I like to do because it make me feel like a painter LOL *hides face*) with the 40 palette you’d probably need to put it down while you work.
With the Freedom palettes the more you buy the cheaper they are. The 20 palette cost $95 for 20×2.7gr of product. This breaks down to less than $5 per eye shadow, making it about half the price of a Mac eye shadow refill pan!
Inglot cosmetics are available in stores in selected countries around the world, and online in the US and Australia. Check their store locator for details.

These are some of the most pigmented matte eye shadows I have used to date! Its not a cheap brand but compared to others in the market, it’s really good value for money.


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