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Product Review: Burberry Lip Glow and Lip Cover

I don’t usually buy luxury make up; I’m an unemployed student so no surprise there.
Anyway something about this particular line tempted me to break that trend. I will not be making a habit of this though or I will be singing for food in the trains in no time (btw I cant sing to save my life!)

Screen shots from the Burberry website

My Haul…
Inside the bag

I got a tube of lipstick in No.20 Hibiscus; a classic red, lip glosses in No. 01 Rosewood; a nude pink and No. 10 Nutmeg; a nude beige.

Lip Glow
No.10 Nutmeg

No.01 Rosewood
L-R No.10 Nutmeg & No.01 Rosewood
Lip Cover in No.20 Hibiscus
The line stays true to the Burberry brand; classic, subtle shades and great attention to detail. I admit the packaging has a lot to do why I spent 28 (3.8g) on lipstick and 25 on lip gloss (6ml) but that’s the way it should be right? 🙂 the attention to detail is just beautiful.
The lip products are richly pigmented, the swatches above are the the result of single swipes. The lip glosses are of medium consistency; not thick and sticky but not oil thin either. 
The packaging makes the products a bit heavy and the metallic parts keep finger prints and smudges but the dark chrome doesn’t make it too obvious. They are all scented, for lack of a better description; they smell like lipstick LOL, they have that classic lipstick smell that reminds you of your mother and your childhood all at once.
Yes they are pricey but good quality and they’ll look great in your make up purse!


  • Funke
    Posted October 5, 2010 at 7:43 PM

    Stella! How many tubes of lipsticks and lip glosses do you have? Please do a count and share (im so highly curious).

    Can you please do a write up on how to pick a red, pink or neutral lipstick/lip gloss?


  • Stella
    Posted October 6, 2010 at 7:53 PM

    @ Funke
    LOL! I don't think i have that many ;-). Choosing shades is very subjective so i'll just give you some guide lines… soon

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