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Product Review: Black Opal Bronzed Jewels Lip Palette

The product comes in flat plastic palette. The cover is grey with the name of the product and brand written on it in silver. A sticker on the bottom carries the product shades and company info.  Inside, the different shades are held in see through tray with an applicator brush and a full mirror. The lip brush is not the best thing, I will not be using it much. The palette is practical and great for carrying about in your purse or kit.

Bronzed jewels lip palette is a lip palette of 5 shades; 2 Lip glosses and 3 Creme Shines (lip sticks). All the shades in this palette are in the bronze-gold family.

Lip glosses: Glam & Copper
Creme Shine (Lip sticks): Caramel, Golden bronze and Naked bronze
They have a creamy texture and go on smooth, except for the Glam lip gloss which is a lot softer than the rest. The Glam lip gloss is my least favorite of the set because you can feel the glitter in it between your lips and that reminds me of having sand caught in your lip gloss (Ew!)

Good pigmentation with all the shades except Glam with is light and see through, it’s lip gloss though so that’s ok.

Top: Naked bronze & Golden Bronze. Middle: Caramel. Bottom: Copper & Glam
I got mine at Kuddy Cosmetics in Lagos, where it retails for N1200 (Approx. 6 Euros) for 8.5gr of product. Really affordable and for the quality of the product I say this is a save! Definitely worth the money.
I noticed this palette is no longer on the Black Opal website so it might have been discontinued.


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