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Pink for Breast Cancer Take 1: Poptastic

So there are just 3 days left in the month of October and I am sure you know its Breast Cancer awareness month. But just in case you live under a rock somewhere or have been walking around with a blind fold on, I figured I should give you 1 last chance 🙂

This post will launch a mini series I’m calling “Pink for Breast Cancer”. In this series I will share with you some pink nail colors I have rocked this month.

So here we go, contestant number 1… Poptastic from Color club.

Picture taken with flash
In natural light

Bright! LOL It’s pretty but for me, a tad to Nickie Mina, this shade would probably look nicer (less shocking) on lighter skin. Thought I could hack it too, especially since I wear black like all the time…

Braved it for a couple of days but then had to return to my comfort zone :D. Would you rock this shade?



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  • Anonymous
    Posted December 19, 2012 at 10:54 AM

    I'm as dark as you are and it'll prolly be too loud for me too. But it's really nice.

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