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One Young World (OYWON) Novelty Match

In August I introduced you to OYWON (One Young World Nigeria), and their “Adopt a Library” project. OYWON is a group of people – young and old – involved in the process of positive change for Nigeria by sharing ideas of projects that are aimed at improving lives and livelihood.

In line with its focus and Supported by the Development Information Centre (DIC) One Young World Nigeria is promoting its current project “Adopt a Library” through a novelty match. The aim of this project is to facilitate refurbishment and creation of libraries in public secondary schools. This is informed by the recognition of the malaise in the Nigerian education system.
By liaising with the general public, volunteers and alliance partners, One Young World Nigeria seeks to organise collection of reference books, textbooks, storybooks and all forms of literary works to be donated for use in these school libraries.  The novelty match aims to raise awareness for the Adopt a Library project in Ilado high school, Ikoyi, Lagos as well as fundraiser for the project. It will be held on the 17th of December 2011 at Astroturf, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria at 10:00 am.

Get involved…

To get involved in current and future OYWON projects, share your ideas or find out more, you can contact us via,, on twitter @OYWON or through the following numbers:  +234 80 3186 1692, +234 80 6007 8028, +23480 5600 4586

The aim of this post is to raise awareness for OYWON and their projects. Feel free to share this post or repost its content. 


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    Posted December 19, 2011 at 6:10 AM

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