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OMG! A review from Sam Fine!!!

I recently got on twitter (@stelmaris) mainly so I could follow make up artists, vloggers, bloggers excetra excetra. Of all the make up artists I follow I am probably most excited about Sam Fine. I heard about him from my teacher who asked me to look him up after a class on contouring…and the rest is history. Plus he is really active on twitter, giving beauty advice and all.

After my first attempt to recreate one of his looks I sent him a link on twitter to see what he thought and he replied!!! I had to take snapshots on my phone…

This had me beaming for like 30 mins! I love that he takes the time to reply the messages he gets on twitter and he’s so humble!
Twitter is a great place to get news and tips from pros in the field, many of them are active on twitter so you kinda get to follow their work and all.
Still buzzed with excitement and had to share! If you are a fan, you should follow him he is also active on myspace.

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