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Nude in Cocoa

Another product in my haul from the Nails ad Make up conference by Spa & Mondial Beauté in Paris last month.  This time I tried nail color in a shade called Cocoa from Creative nail design.
A nude shade, like a milky brown with a bit of peach in the mix. I absolutely love this shade. It looks like I’m wearing foundation several shades too light on my nails but I’m just loving the way it looks against my skin. If you have chocolate skin and you are looking for a nice nude shade, this is it!
this is my first time using nail color from this brand and it definitely won’t be the last (and not just because I already bought three of then LOL). The color spread smoothy, so you can get away with wearing just one coat if you want light almost see through coverage. I am wearing three coats, not because it wasn’t even after two but because I needed an absolutely opaque finish to cover my purple butterflies and all :-). I cant comment on how long it stays on because I wear acrylic nails and they keep color longer than natural nails do.
Great shade and smooth color distribution even after just one coat. This is a good buy and I am really loving it.

TTFN Divas!


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