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NOTD: Tendre Promesse

The second thing I tried from my nail and makeup show haul: Parisax Professional nail polish in tendre promesse (tender promise). I like this shade, a really light matte lilac,  with just enough color to show through all the milky white.

Colors this light can be a bit risqué for women of color but I like the way it turned out. It stands out but in a “a la mode” kinda way.

I don’t care too much for the nail polish though, it took three coats to get even color distribution and you can still see gaps when held up to the light.The more coats the longer it takes to dry, the harder to get it perfect and and bumpier it can look 🙁 .However considering the the price (4.50) i guess it’s an ok buy. 

Thats it.
TTFN Divas!


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