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NOTD: Lime Up!

I’m always thrilled when I find a good bargain. Nothing feels better than cheap make up that works well

Lime it up! is a lime green shade from Essence. This shade of green reminds me of the slime from kiddy game shows 🙂 but I like it all the same. I’m not sure how it will turn out on lighter skin tones but I think it’s a nice bright shade for summer. It’s a bright and kind of daring without being over the top.
In the pictures above I’m wearing two coats, and I got a really good full cover. 
It comes in a 5 ml bottle and retails for 1.95 Euros. I think the little content and cheap price makes this ideal for edgy shades you want to try out but will not wear often. 
The bush is a little flatter and wider than your vintage nail polish brush, I like this as it saves application time. 
I got mine in a OVS store in Rome they are available from a wide range of retailers, check their store locator for more details.



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