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Nail Art take 1: Purple flutter

I used to think nail art was really tacky but I had a rethink after attending the nail and make up show by spa mondial et beauté a few weels ago. Nail art looked like it could be a lot of fun . There is so much you can do with nails these days its amazing. As it turns out… its even more fun than I thought! 

At the show I got nail art bars. I know… you’r probably wondering what they are right? I did too. they are small bars that you slice up to get little nail art peices

I like these because the deco is really detailed and you can lay them under acrylic or gel and get a smooth nail surface.  I used one of my favorites: a purple detail butterfly paired with pearly white nail tips.
1st the tips, then the deco, cover with gel or acrylic powder and shape as usual. I buffed them to a shine to get a natural finish.  
And voila! The work is done. I must admit this was tons of fun and the results are not too shabby either…won’t you say? I will certainly be doing this again soon!

Till next time
Ta ta for now!


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