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London IMATS 2011: Part 3 The Guru Summit

Usually after attending a make up show I only share my pictures. This time, in a bid to help my friends and fellow make up lovers who wanted to but could not make it, I will also be sharing some tips I picked up at the seminars/ classes. They will be in 3 posts on the 5 seminars I attended.

The show was lined with a number of seminars but unfortunately the overlapping schedule  along with the unending urge to shop makes it impossible to attend them all.  The very first one I attended was…

The Guru Summit
On the panel of You Tube gurus were the Pixiwoo sisters; Sam and Nicky, Wayne Goss, Enkore and Pursebuzz. They answered questions ranging from how they got started, the kind of equipment they use, how they deal with haters, and of course advise for the up and coming You tuber.
Here are some for their answers:

How did you get started?
Pixiwoo & Pursebuzz: Started out teaching friends how to do make up on request and after uploading videos the requests and comments kept coming and so did they.
Wayne: Started dong videos to show women over 35 (who are usually overlooked)  how to  do their make up.

How did you get to be a You Tube partner? How many subscribers? How many views? Did you apply or was it offered to you?
Wayne: Was offered Youtube partnership after he hit 5, 000 subscribers.  
Pixiwoo: The same  as above. Things have changed now so they might offer you partnership per video instead of for the whole  channel. It is harder to cross over from per video to for the whole channel she (Nicky) thinks its better to hold out to get it for the whole channel.

Top 3 most requested looks
Pixiwoo: Kim Kardashian, bridal, classic smockey eye.

It used to be easier to become successful on You tube, now that it’s a lot harder would you still advice new comers to enter the field
Pixiwoo: You definitely should. We didn’t start on You tube for fame or fortune but for the love for make up and we have since learnt a lot from it, even more than we did working at the counter.
Pursebuzz: People can see through your motives, if you are there just for the cash they can tell. If you are there because you are passionate they can tell too and are more likely to like your videos.

Do you work with a plan or just take it as is?
Wayne: No. He just does what he wants when he wants.
Pixiwoo: Start with a plan in the beginning of the week but don’t usually follow it because things always come up. They spend their free days filming and editing videos.

How do you deal with haters?
Wayne: Hunt them down and kill them all. LOL!
Pixiwoo: We used to be really shocked but now all our comments are approved before they are published so we just block and delete!
Pursebuzz: I used to take it personally but now I look at it, laugh and move on.
Encore: Everybody gets hate, most of mine are about guys applying make up on you tube. I try to educate them, telling them that in the beginning only men wore make up.

Next Up Terry Barber and Kevin James Bennet



  • Halima Bepo
    Posted February 4, 2011 at 11:08 AM

    No one like you stella.Thanks for doing this,I missed the guru summit (alarm failed me)

  • Stella
    Posted February 5, 2011 at 5:53 AM

    Glad to be of service 😉

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