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H&M True Beauty Lipgloss Review

Yes, Its yet another budget find from H&M!
I discovered this beauty in the middle of a shopping session at H&M on Champs Elysees. My lips got dry and while I considered going down the road to Sephora to “test” Givenchy lip gloss, my track record with H&M beauty products encouraged me to give their lip gloss a try. I’m glad I did.
The lip gloss cost 3.95 (Euros) for 9g of product! No need for comparisons; it’s a steal.
I got a light pink shade called True beauty and I love it. A pretty pale shimmery pink shade that looks great with my chocolate skin J I got tons of complements and a some 
friends even tried to take it off my hands (yes Anita if you read this I mean you!)


Not the clearest picture, but I hope you can still see what the True beauty looks like…
Did I  mention it smells like ice cream? 🙂
I have since tried to get more from other H&M stores but haven’t been successful…yet (which is why I specified the store I found it in).  They’d have lip gloss in other packs and I’m not sure it’s the same so I haven’t tried any other…
If you’d like to try good luck to ya 😉 and if you find it in the Paris area, please let a sista know 😉

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