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Have You Heard: Your Best Face Forward Contest on facebook

Kemi Kings has put together this contest to have some fun and also to share her favorite beauty,hair and lifestyle tips with you!

The prizes to be won include all the pictures in this post.

Photo shoot with UK Top Photographer Atunbi

To win you upload a picture of a look you have done yourself on her Facebook page and get your friends to like and comment on your picture. The person with the most likes and comments wins! Its as simple as that. There will be 10 winners in all so great chances to win.
NARS makeup

The contest started on May 3rd and runs till June 3rd. 

Rules & Specifications.
*Contestants have to be friends of the “Kemi The Makeup Artist” Facebook page.
MAC makeup
*Contestants will post picture of their faces with their makeup done(freestyle-no specific theme) on the “Kemi The Makeup Artist page”.Beneath your pictures,state the makeup used and also state some of your favorite makeup/hair/skin/lifestyle tips.
*Contestants will get their friends to join the page and also comment on their pictures.
300grams of Malaysian hair courtesy
*Pictures with the highest number of comments or likes get a prize.
*There will be up to 10 prizes so as to give a good number of contestants a chance to win.
*Contest open to friends in the UK, Europe,USA and Nigeria.
Book and DVD by Celebrity Make up artist Sam Fine
*Contest is NOT open to professional make up artists
*One of the prizes is service-based(photo-shoot) and you have to be in the London to claim this prize.
Perfume set,

*Contest starts May 3rd,2010 and closes June 3rd,2010.Winners will be announced June 10,2010.It will be clear who the winners are as the comments will be visible to all.

*Prizes include all pictures above.

For a link to the Kemi King’s Facebook page click here
I am not an organizer of this contest so I have no control over who wins, however the person with the most comments wins so the winner will be obvious.

Now you know so its up to you, I would have contested because the prizes look really good but I can’t (being a pro and all 😉 you can so get to it!

I will be supporting all readers who enter the competition so leave a comment here after u enter the competition and you’ll have my support!

Good luck!



  • B A R B A R A
    Posted May 17, 2010 at 6:09 PM

    iv made a submission for the Kemi contest. go on over there and make a comment. Ciao!
    P.S. loving your blog

  • Stella
    Posted May 18, 2010 at 2:38 PM

    Thank you sweety, as promised I will support you in the competition. Good luck!

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