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15 Minute Makeup Look + Giveaway!

Hello My loves, 

Ever need to do you makeup but have no time to do it? Then you definitely want to check out this look!

How To Do A Full Face In 15mins

  • This is NOT the time to try new products. Stick to tried and tested old faithfuls
  • Prioritise steps according to your needs. If like me you have black spots and hyper pigmentation a good base is a must. If you have clear skin, skip liquid foundation and skip to a powder.
  • DO your face first. Once you have a good base in place, you will feel less like you need more. At this point you can relax and “add on” extras as time permits.
  • Avoid liquid matte lipsticks. In a hurry you are less likely to get a neat application and the matte finish will make crooked lines obvious.
  • Lipgloss will save you form the above. If you want colour spring for a coloured gloss or play safe with a “your lips but better” option like I did.
  • Use the same products for multiple steps e.g. Highlighter for eye shadow, foundation and powder for eye primer, Contour for crease/transition lid colour, buildable foundation so you can skip concealer…
Hope this helps, check out the video for more tips and stay to the end for the giveaway!!! More on the giveaway in my next post 😉


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  • Unknown
    Posted April 24, 2018 at 12:38 PM

    Thank you for this piece.You are a life saver!!. Looking forward to more posts. God bless

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